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When the pandemic hit, several businesses folded. They simply rolled up their carpets and let everyone go. Not Hightech Signs. Oh No. They rolled up...their sleeves. They asked the most challenging question of all. How can we help? Using their in-house staff and idle machinery, they started on a journey to produce quality masks for families in our community. Utilizing a BOGO concept (Buy One, Give One), they fired up their sewing machines, began creating custom designs, and made the impossible possible. Thousands of masks were donated to needy organizations and charities. It was incredible.

We were honored to help develop the HighTech PPE brand. We gave it words that mattered. An honest look and feel that balanced the web-based sales goals with mission priorities. We provided imagery of real people wearing the 2-ply, nonmedical, nonshrinking, everyday comfortable masks available in children and adult sizes. Brillant. Check out the site!

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